About Us

Everyone at Haz Mat Trans takes great pride in providing you with personal, friendly, on-time service. Of course, all our technicians and drivers are rigorously trained and experience professionals.

  • Certified Small Business #0005861
  • Women-Owned Business WBE#7GN00006

    We are committed to superior customer service. From your first call to our offices through completion of your job, each Haz mat Trans employee will be professional, courteous and informative. We participate in a variety of employee training programs designed to insure the utmost in safety and efficient handling of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We will assist you with proper packaging, labeling and storage of your hazardous waste.

    We maintain our vehicles to the highest standards and are enrolled in the BIT program with continuous Satisfactory Ratings (which is the California Highway Patrol top rating).

    Haz Mat Trans has long been committed to safe and healthful work environments for it’s employees. We maintain a strong drug and alcohol policy. As a transporter of hazardous waste, we recognize our obligation to our customers and the general public to conduct our operations safely and efficiently.