Permits, Certifications, Licenses, and Insurance

When you hire a company to transport hazardous materials off-site, you want to know that they meet all the permit and certification requirements for that job. Improper transportation of hazardous materials can put people’s health and safety at risk, as well as potentially result in property damage or environmental pollution.

Did you know that even when transporting hazardous materials between two of your own facilities, if the properties are not contiguous, the transporter must follow proper regulations for transport on public roads?

It can be tempting to save time or money either by doing the job yourself or by hiring transporters with the cheapest rates. However, this can backfire if the transporters don’t possess the proper permits and licenses. Don’t put your business at risk by breaking the law when it comes to transporting hazardous substances and waste! We take these laws seriously, and so should you.

You can rest assured Haz Mat Trans adheres to all San Bernardino city and county, California, Nevada, and United States laws governing the transportation of hazardous waste. We’re glad that our home state of California has such strict standards for transportation because it means our customers also get the benefit of those high standards.


To offer you further peace of mind, we maintain all permits to comply with government regulations. And, of course, we are fully insured. Permit pack and insurance certificates are available upon request.

  • U.S. EPA - CAT080012800
  • Hazardous Waste Hauler Registration - 0115
  • California Haz Material Transportation - 54831
  • Nevada Haz Material Transportation - UPM 325235-NV
  • U.S. Department of Transportation - 325235
  • California Motor Carrier Permit - 0170
  • California Waste Tire Hauler - 0666
  • California Department of Food & Agriculture Grease Transporter - 116,117
  • SAWPA Liquid Waste Hauler Permit - IEBL-004
  • California Small Business Certification - 0005861
  • D.O.T. Hazmat Registration
  • County of San Bernardino Haz Material Hauler
  • County of San Bernardino Liquid Waste Hauling/Disposal
  • Women-Owned Business - WBE#7GN00006
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Contractors License

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