Management and Transportation: Solid Waste

Haz Mat Trans has years of experience with packaging and transportation of solid waste. We have the equipment and experience to handle a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Because we work with a range of clients and waste situations, Haz Mat Trans is fully equipped to handle any type of solid waste packaging and transportation. The equipment available to you ranges from small drum trucks to 48-foot dry vans and from bobtail roll-off trucks to double-bin rocket launchers. Drop-deck trailers are also available for oversize and permit loads.


Solid waste transportation equipment:

  • Drum trucks with lift gate - pickups, state beds, and 48-foot dry vans
  • Bobtail roll-off trucks with pull trailers
  • Drop-deck trailers - oversize and permit loads
  • Flat-bed trailers - up to 25 tons
  • Roll-off bins - open and closed top, 10 to 40 yards, single-day or long-term rental

Management and Transportation: Solid Waste

We can handle most solid waste transportation jobs, whether you’re preparing a site for construction or doing environmental remediation. We are also happy to schedule regular pickups for your ongoing business needs. We’ll be there as scheduled when you need us, and we can grow with your business, adding services as necessary to help you stay on top of legal requirements and keep your business environment clean and appealing.

Our experience with solid waste transportation is as varied as the sources of waste: industrial and manufacturing byproducts, treatment plants, demolition, defunct fuel stations, agriculture, construction, hospitality, and medical facilities, to name a few. When you partner with Haz Mat Trans, you know you’re dealing with experts who can bring the right vehicle for the job and have all the permits and education needed for your unique situation.


Common hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste services:

  • Drum trucks with lift gate - pickups, state beds, and 48-foot dry vans
  • Roll-off bin transportation
  • PCB transformer transportation
  • End dump transportation
  • Roll-off bins
  • 48-foot dry van services
  • Oversize and permit loads
  • Asbestos transportation
  • Lab packs
  • Commodity packs
  • Universal Waste